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Barbican Centre is another popular London Westend theatre! But, itis a bit different from other theatres in London as it is located outside theWest End instead to the east of London. The venue is a great place to spendsome quality time with dear ones as there are number of restaurants andmultiple performance spaces. Moreover, Liverpool Street is positioned at anearby distance from the Barbican and you can visit via tube. This is animmensely vibrant area with number of additional restaurants, bars and boutiqueshops.

If you are planning to visit the theatre, you can commute variousmodes of commutations such as tubes, buses, taxis and cars. Barbican is thenearest station to the theatre which is located on Metropolitan, Circle andHammersmith & City lines. Theatre is located at a distance of 5 minutes.You can also hire a taxi or drive your own car.

The popular Barbican is a modern theatre which is categorised into 4levels, and have more legroom and more comfortable seats as compare to the traditionalWest End theatres. For disabled patrons and carers, concessions are availableand can be booked in advance.

For wheelchair users, theatre is well equipped as the liftsconnecting all levels. The theatre has radio and infra-red systems which isequipped throughout the theatre along with an induction loop across all areas.

The Barbican Main Theatre has a stunningly unique design, with seatssurround the stage at all levels. The theatre has occupancy of 1162 which iscategorised into more than four levels. Theatre has been designed in a modernway with great  leg room which isexcellent at all levels.

The maximum number of seats are in the Stalls with 50 seats and haveno aisles or divisions. If you are looking for best seats then go for the centralseats as they offer the best value for money. The set above the stalls isCircle and is not too far from the stage. However, Upper Circle is similar toCircle, although is set back a bit further. If you are looking for the cheapestones then go for the Gallery with reasonably good view.

Previous Shows

Start Date: Jul 04, 2019 | End Date: Aug 24, 2019

Event Information

Silk Street London EC2Y 8DS

Please contact the venue directly for information about disabled access (P: 123 4567 8901)

Bus Route
Nearest Bus stop: (Beech Street) 76, 153; (City Road) 21, 43, 141, 205, 214, 271
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