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Woman in Black

Looking for aspine chilling scary experience! Just head towards the London Westend FortuneTheatre and get set for a nerve wrecking experience with the award winningLondon show, The Woman in Black! The classic London show is suitable for thosewho love to have scary thrilling moments.

The Woman inBlack is undoubtedly one of the most loved haunted sagas of LondonWestendtheatre. The show revolves around a keen young solicitor who is sent to EelMarsh House to sort out the affairs of a recently deceased woman, Mrs AliceDrablow. The isolated Eel Marsh House is located at a remote destination, whereyoung Arthur Kipps has to live alone. Unaware of the tragedy waiting for him in this eerie house and its darkcorners, the young solicitor has some unnerving sense of unease. However, hecatches a glimpse of a young woman dressed entirely in black. When he tries toinquire more about her, his attempts go futile as the locals turn silent.Finally, he decides to discover the secret about her on his own.

The immenselyacclaimed classic by Susan Hill has been adapted brilliantly by StephenMallatratt’s in the spectacular stage adaptation. The nerve recking eeriethriller, The Woman In Black is adapted from a Hill’s 1983 novel. The onstageadaptation has Hill’s own description and dialogue. The show features two majorcast members along with minimal props. The sense of fear has been beautifullyconjured whereas the viewers are also expecting impending disaster.

In the year1987, the stage adaptation of The Woman In Black made its debut atScarborough’s Theatre-By-The-Sea. The show was a huge success and two yearslater the show was transferred to London. Since then, the award winning show isrunning at The Fortune Theatre and has become one of London’s longest runningplays.

The show hasalready entered its 29th year in the West End, and enjoyed more than7 million theatregoers. The immensely gripping production by  Robin Herford has enlivened up the show, asan atmosphere of illusion and controlled horror is finely created.

The Woman inBlack is certainly a must London show and is rightly stated as a West Endinstitution. The show has been enjoyed by audiences from across the globe andhas experienced the bone-chilling ghost experience. The scary backdrop ofEnglish countryside, the estate of Alice Drablow at Eel Marsh House simplyleaves a long lasting impression over the viewers.

Recently, themovie version of the show has also been released starring Daniel Radcliffe. Although,the presentation is quite simple but it is effective. So, get set for amemorable theatrical experience on stagecraft and feel the thrilling power offear quietly.

Event Information

Russell Street London WC2B 5HH

Please contact the venue directly for information about disabled access (P: 123 4567 8901)

Bus Route
(Aldwych) RV1, 6, 11, 13, 23, 59, 68, 87, 171, 172, 188, X68
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